Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life without a live is empty...

Mind your future and don't let it slip from your hands.

Those words will be meant for me, yes me. Times have passed by and as we are growing older, we need to take care of some BIG things that we did not thouhgt we will go through but as time goes, so do we. Being older make us realise that we do not have a second to waste. Life's changing and if we cannot keep up to that time, we will soon be faded away by it. 

Thinking of being one-self may be burdensome but we are human so we need to be someone. Being a servant, a student, a child and in the future, a husband will just show that it's just another role that a man needs to go through. In the end, it is we who decide our own future.

As a basis, Islam should be the main factor in each of our own role. Without it, one will not feel that he is a servant to Allah. Without it, a student will not have their motivation as being the best at his study. Without it,  a child will not being able to meet their parents hope to be the key for them to grant Jannah and without it, a husband could not be a guide to his wife also to Jannah.

To live is one thing but living as an Islam is a superb thing and even money can't buy. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Fracture is a discontinuity of bone. It is a matter of subject in orthopaedic posting. Fracture can be classified based on the location or can be also classified with various method such as Muller AO Classification where it divides the long bones into numbers such as 1- humerus 2-radius/ulna 3-femur and 4-tibia/fibula.

The division of fracture at the physeal plate are based on Salter-Harris Classification. There are some 'khilaf' regarding it where some said it is 6 types while most said it is 5 types. Type 1 involves the physeal plate fracture only. Type 2 involves the physis which extent to diaphysis. Type 3 involves physis extent to metaphysis while type 4 involves physis and bot diaphysis and metaphysis. Type 5 is a crush of the physis.

So,that's for now..i'm writing this as for my revision in this subject. That's all thank for reading

Thursday, July 7, 2011

VIP training pass and Liverpool FC Asia Tour 2011 T-shirt from Suria FM for me!


1st and foremost, Alhamdulillah, greatest salute for the Most Gracious and Most Merciful Allah Subhanahu Wata'Aala. On Wednesday, 6 July 2011, I entered a contest in Suria FM fanpage. It was a contest to win 2 VIP training pass and Liverpool FC Asia Tour 2011 T-shirt. I entered not because I really want to win it but it's just for fun actually as I thought I wouldn't be chosen as the winner but guess what (no need to guess, the answer is at the title. lol ) I've won the contest.

This contest runs about a week and every day, 2 winners will be selected, 1 in the morning and the other in the evening. I managed to be the Wednesday morning winner and of course I could only say that I was lucky.

But what is it about? First, you have to identify who is the player showned on the picture and then you need to write a slogan on Why did you deserve to win the VIP training pass and the T-shirt and you must also mention Reject Shop is the official retailer for Liverpool FC Asia Tour 2011 merchandise.

So the picture shown was this:

Of course you will known by just a glance, it Steven Gerard!!

and the slogan that I wrote which was in Malay : Saya layak memenangi hadiah tersebut kerana Liverpool FC dan Suria FM menambahkan keceriaan dalam hidup saya setiap hari terutamanya mendengar Suria FM bersama meraikan kemenangan Liverpool ditambah dengan REJECT SHOP, yang pastinya kedai kegemaran saya menjadi retailer rasmi barangan ekslusif Liverpool Tour 2011!!!! Best sangat!!!!

Due to the correct answer and the slogan, I've won the contest and so I'll be getting those prizes mention! But till now I didn't get a call from Suria FM yet as they only take my details. So I'll be waiting for the call and InsyaAllah I'll receive the ticket and the shirts! Thanks Suria FM! Maybe my luck is on football as I'd won the Domino's Fantasy Football too. :-)